Christmas is just over a month away, and shopping season’s already well underway. Here are some great gift ideas for the special-someone/blogger in your life:

1. iPad:

Tablet PCs seem to be extremely popular pieces of hardware in the blogging circles. Bloggers use them to do research for their upcoming posts, visit, bookmark or share important links, check their email, read eBooks, check their Twitters and Facebooks, listen to podcasts, and even write their next greatest blog post or manage their businesses! The reason behind the tablet PC’s popularity – the iPad’s in particular – is that it is an extremely portable device and hence can be carried around, can be turned-on instantly at the click of a button, and provides a backup time of 10 hours! The new iPad starts from $499, and Apple recently launched the iPad mini which starts at $329.

2. Webhosting

Is your significant other stuck with crappy, slow and unreliable hosting? Has their blog outgrown their old shared webhosting? Have they been thinking of an upgrade? Now might be the perfect time for them and their blog to move into a better hosting package. Good webhosting typically costs around a $100 (could be more, could be less) for a full year for standard packages. However depending on the traffic levels and bandwidth requirements of the blog, you might want to look into dedicated webhosting or VPS webhosting (excellent article on difference between all 3 here).

3. A Theme Framework (WordPress)

The great aspect of WordPress is that you can customize every single aspect of it – large or small. A good theme framework should allow you to accomplish this easily, and Thesis is one such excellent framework. The Thesis Framework is easily one of the best theme frameworks available on WordPress. It is used by a large number of WordPress users, and there’s no reason why your loved ones’ blogs shouldn’t be on Thesis as well. You can view their homepage here for a full list of features, as well as pricing plans.

4. Aweber

Aweber is a market leader when one speaks about email marketing solutions. It is the best email, autoreponder and subscriptions service out there, bar none. Personally, I’m a huge fan of list-building and email marketing because it is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic for any blog, and frees blogs of reliance on organic traffic. And choosing Aweber to manage a subscription list, set up an auto responder, or create and send newsletter is a no-brainer. Monthly plan costs $19, and their yearly plan costs $194.

5. Storage Space for Backups

For bloggers, regular and periodic backups are essential. Too often, bloggers skip out on this simple practice and end up losing their blogs, or parts of their blogs when something goes wrong. Save the blogger in your life a lot of hassle and many sleepless nights by getting them an external storage, and urging them to back their data up regularly. You could get then an external hard drive – 1 Terabyte of storage should be more than enough for many backups, and a 1TB external drive can be had for less than $100 on Newegg. Alternatively, you could buy additional storage on a cloud-based storage service such as Dropbox – where $500GB additional storage costs $499.

6. A Comfy Desk Chair

Since bloggers tend to spend a large amount of time on their desks in front of their computers, on upgrade that they would really appreciate would be a better place to sit! Get a comfortable desk chair for the blogger in your life, which will instantly make the process of working on (and creating content) for their blogs so much better! Here is a list of best office chairs, courtesy Lifehacker, and a list of the top-rated office chairs on Amazon (here and here).

7. A Laptop Upgrade

If there’s one thing a blogger would really appreciate, it would be a better machine to work on! A laptop is a blogger’s best friend, something that they rely heavily on to do all their work. Therefore, a machine with more processing power, more memory, better multitasking capabilities and generally more horsepower under the hood would make for an excellent Christmas gift! My recommendation? One of the new retina-display Macbooks by Apple (who else?). They’re stylish, light, stay on forever, and the Apple store has some pretty great set of apps for the Mac OS.

8. A Weekend Getaway

Even the most avid blogger needs to take time out every now and then. And what better time and opportunity to do that than during the holidays! Go spend the new years away from work and take a much-needed breather from your hectic and busy routines. Booking a spa-getaway-for-two somewhere nice would be an excellent place to start!

9. Amazon Gift Card

If all else fails, what could make for a better gift than letting your loved ones choose what they’d want! Get them an Amazon gift card, so that they can choose from thousands of products and get anything that they might need during the holiday season!